The Flyback board must be used in conjunction with embedded code version 2. Generally, you want to take the throttle body from an engine that made similar horsepower to your engine. Apply heat sink compound between the two angles, and also between the transistors, mica, and heat sink. Install all components on the top and solder on the bottom except for the 5 transistors which are inserted from the bottom and soldered on the top. In order to prevent future flyback failures, you can adapt either the flyback board or injector resistors.

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ID data for Megasquirt from Injector Dynamics – Miata Turbo Forum – Boost cars, acquire cats.

Find More Posts by bcrx7. The circuit will most often fail after some time spend at high speeds and loads, rather than immediately when you start the engine for the first time. What other test equipment should I megasquitt

Miata Turbo Forum – Boost cars, acquire cats. Find More Posts by Chiburbian. Most important is that you have fuel injectors that are the correct size in ijnector of flow rating.

Another way to select injectors is to take them from an engine that makes nearly the same power as your engine will [assuming the same number of injectors]. You can also sand the surface of the heat sink lightly where the transistors bolt on.


You may be able to identify your injectors by looking on:.

Injector Dynamics Support

If you want to avoid using PWM with your low-impedance injectors, you can use ballast megasquitr in series with the injectors. Typical dimensions for a port injector are: It designates the outside diameter of the metal tube that is compatible with each size of fitting.

This is for regular mail shipping from Canada which means there is no insurance and no guarantee on the delivery time. You need to find out why. But it’s probably best to remove all unneeded components.

Peak&Hold Injector Driver Board for Megasquirt

The manufacturer leaves it up to you to determine a system pressure and maximum duty cycle in order to compute the resulting flow. Send a private message to. Now i kinda want IDs just so i can use this data. Where is my engine’s setup?

Peak&Hold Injector Driver Board for Megasquirt

If you were to ‘cap off’ the manifold vacuum port on the fuel pressure regulator, you are reducing the dynamic range of the injectors. However, when the car runs it is very rich. In some sizes, they may thread together,, but will not seal properly, due to the difference in sealing surface angles. This is not possible with resistors, unless you devise a way to bypass mfgasquirt during starting like the older cars did for the ignition coil. To assemble the flyback board, follow these instructions: It should be noted megasquirh if you are building a new board, all the injector driver parts are no longer needed so there could be some cost reduction there.


This is a problem because in the standard code for MegaSquirt-I, the resolution of the steps is 0. MEGAsquirt A place to collectively sort out this megasquirt gizmo.

Miata Turbo Forum – Boost cars, acquire cats. The fuel supply rail bungs for the top of the injectors are the same size. Fuel delivery is always good with EFI well, mostly.

If Q1 on the bottom of the board does look burnt however, this is a sure sign of a flyback failure. When selecting a throttle body, there are a number of considerations. However, if you are planning on a throttle body injection set-up, you need a dedicated TBI unit in order to supply the fuel to the injectors, etc.

Add Thread to del. The current BOM is here. DO NOT use a universal carburetor filter – the higher pressure of fuel injection systems may injedtor it to burst!