What does it look like Darren described this as an Emtac on steroids, and that is really what it looks like. I would compare it to a souped up car the GTI version with fat tyres or tires if you are in the States and flared wheel arches. The external antenna socket is positioned about two thirds of the way down the receiver on the right hand side. Especially as the Emtac had a smaller battery and achieved 8 hours in my test environment. Coupled with a battery extender and using trickle power save mode this receiver can last longer than you!! This again is shielded, this time with copper foil.

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If I did not then the PDA would lock and a soft reset would be required. I have certainly managed to retain a connection at a distance of 10 meters globzlsat line of sight.

See below for more details. All official Bluetooth products must go through the Bluetooth Qualification Program. The picture to the right shows the controls and indicators of the receiver. The reason for this will become apparent soon.

This meant that I would take the GPS to bits and probably never get it back together again. When the fix was there it was accurate. What does it look like Darren described this as an Emtac on steroids, and that is really what it looks like.


After this it is difficult to remake the connection. At the top of the left hand of the case you can see the lenses which transmit the indicator lights.

When I had globalzat this was a sheer joy no cables simple reconnection. In fact it looks like it is on a raised platform, this is where the larger battery is located. Still a comfortable weight to carry in a pocket or bag.

DELL BT-309 bluetooth (Globalsat BT-308)

Does it live up to Darren’s description? Well on all but one occasion the battery outlasted me and my excursions for a day. It is not until you see the profile that the size difference becomes apparent. The result was that the battery life averaged a tad over 11 and a half hours throughout bbt-308 tests. The battery indicator is red when the charge is low and orange when charging, all other times glonalsat is off.

But I was not able to initiate a connection at that distance. The next module is the power and control module. I have found that no matter which GPS receiver I am using allowing it to get a good strong fix before venturing into marginal signal areas will always give you better reception.

Normally Gglobalsat would not take something like bt-3008 to bits but due to a mishap I had see later I thought I should disconnect the battery. These are channeled to the outside of the case using special lenses.

Globalsat Technology GPS Receiver BT User Guide |

Sitting here writing this review the BT GPS is sitting on my windowsill and has a strong seven satellite fix. I just wish that the PDA battery life was that impressive. Due to the larger battery it also weighs a little more than the Emtac. Well this is what it is really all about not what it looks like or what is inside, but how does it work in real life.


This is a push socket which allows the supplied external aerial to be connected. Having been in business since they are now an established manufacturer of GPS equipment. I occasionally get problems with the BT interface whereby the receiver just stops outputting data.

Globalsat BT-308 Setup Manual

Enough whingeing it still works well if slightly irritatingly you are requested to select a Bluetooth device each time you connect. Now this was not on trickle power, the was continuous as far as I can tell. Conclusion This package is ideal for the hikers, fell walkers, outdoor pursuits enthusiast etc who want to be globlasat to have a wireless GPS receiver which has extended battery life. Starting on the left there is the power switch, followed by the dc input connector.

Flobalsat does it look like.