Drivers not working on newer versions of Ubuntu I have the same adapter and the same problem. DL Sundance Ethernet vendor: Tags for this Thread Please help, i hate using a defunct OS Look forward to your help. I changed the setting to but it still didn’t allow dot1q packets through. Yes it is a sundance driver:

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D-LINK DFETX Archives – NETworkZeus

Results 1 to 7 of 7. Make sure all files are Unix file format no LF. The card then delays transmission until the switch is ready again to accept new data. Tags for this Thread June 1st, 4.

This mode guarantees that bottlenecks are eliminated at peak traffic time. Locate the boot module configuration file, most commonly modules.

Copy all necessary files on same current directory. Download the drivers from ftp: D-Link Tested operating systems: Add the following lines: This approach provides better reliability since a precompiled driver might depend on libraries or kernel features that are not present in a given Linux installation.


Processed: Re: Sundance network driver (D-Link DFE-580TX) timeouts rendering interface unusable

To compile, the Linux installation must include the gcc compiler, the kernel source, and the kernel headers. Below is a list of the command line parameters supported by the Linux device driver. DL Sundance Ethernet vendor: A sample will be given in the next linjx.

June 1st, 3. However, if you are going to have extensive functions then it is necessary to set extra parameter.

To load a module enter the command: Will not work with older sundance drivers supplied with 2. I changed the setting to but it still didn’t allow dot1q packets through.

This configuration can be applied for mission-critical situations, or more common applications such as video-conference and IP telephony. The drivers that are installed on my Ubuntu 9. Oh, and DON’T do the updates, they break the install!

Please help, i hate using a defunct OS Look forward to your help.

Processed: Re: Sundance network driver (D-Link DFETX) timeouts rendering interface unusable

November 17th, 7. Driver will automatically load and configure at next boot time.


Registration is completely free and takes only a few seconds. What about recompiling or changing the sundance driver that is automatically loaded in the newer versions of Ubuntu?

In the unlikely event where one MAC fails, the remaining controllers will continue to operate, guaranteeing uninterrupted server connection.

I have enabled using modprobe but to no avail. It is equipped with 4 independent MAC controllers, allowing each of the 4 ports to establish an independent full bandwidth segment with the attached switch. I believe your TX use the driver sundance. One trunk is active, the other trunk in the stand-by mode. Copy the files to a directory and enter the following command to compile and link the driver: Yes it is a sundance driver: