With CodeMeter, you can license more than 4,,, different products independently. To import the file please follow the steps below: You can disable all the installed keys using the Key Manager if they are no longer needed when using a dongle. Click on Commit to process the update. This page was last edited on 12 September , at

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WibuCmRaU file send to you by Dynamixyz.

Licensing and Keying TDPages. A CmDongle contains all the licenses in the secure memory of its smart card chip. Please contact support dynamixyz.

Reading keys and odngle the firmware is therefore practically impossible. Whether you are loading a license onto a dongle for the first time, or updating a license dnogle on the dongle, you will need to contact Derivative for a Dongle Update File. All time-based licenses are automatically checked on the CmDongle against the internal clock. The request is a file sent to the dynamixyz Team. Software vendors that make use of CmDongles can update licenses directly in the field.

SurCode Wibu CodeMeter USB Dongle for AudioTools CMDR B&H Photo

The license is saved in a special file that is bound to the hardware of dogle target computer. The server computer will have the dongle plugged in, the client computers will then receive a license from the dongle server when requested.


Smart Card Chip for Top Security. It requires that you have the CodeMeter Runtime installed codemeteg the server, see above. CmDongles are also optionally available with up to 64 GB of mass storage flash memory.

License Dongle

To import the file please follow the steps below:. Once integrated, you can:. Software vendors can partition the storage space into different areas, with a choice of the following types:.

The update is based on data exchange. Click on Finish to close this screen. Each CmDongle offers kByte of memory for your licenses, which can accommodate up to 2, licenses with different license models.

You have total freedom to define the license models and the repository where licenses are stored, and have the opportunity to mix and match the wide array of options available:. CodeMeter supports the complete range of controllers, devices, and computers: Click on Commit to process the update.

The license update request can now be emailed to Dynamixyz. Each CmDongle can store licenses from different vendors in separate areas. Each of these licenses may be a multi-user license with thousands of concurrent seats.


Wibu CodeMeter

The user can also reserve licenses for network users, Active Directory groups, or specific computers and create usage reports. This page was last edited on 12 Septemberat CodeMeter promises a secure future.

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Wibu CodeMeter – SevenCs GmbH

donle Each CmDongle is equipped with an internal clock. If your needs match even one of these points, CodeMeter is the optimal technology for you. When it comes to software protection, CmDongles provide the highest level of security.

A dongle can contains many Performer vongle and can be used as a license server from a computer with or without Performer installed but where the dongle is plugged. To create the request file please follow the steps below:.

The key installed on the dongle dlngle automatically key TouchDesigner on any computer that the dongle is plugged into assuming the CodeMeter Runtime is installed on the computer.