Brand index Olympus Olympus Printers. Input allows you to choose between four options for image data transfer: Measuring about the size of an average to large desktop laser printer, the P has a medium-size footprint Loading a new ribbon consists of manually fitting the two rollers containing the flimsy plastic ribbon into the plastic carrier, which is fiddly but not difficult. My Profile Log Out. Like all dye-sublimation printers, the P has a lower addressable resolution dots per inch than inkjet printers, but more than makes up for it through its ability to produce continuous-tone gradations for each color in every pixel. From this point on, printer functions described here are only available for image data provided on a memory card, if the P is set up to download images from a personal computer, the remaining functions must be completed via computer, using the provided printer software.

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Unfortunately, there is no reliable third-party data available yet on the P’s print life, so we’re a bit up in the air on fade resistance.

Colour balance is generally good, although the electric green feathers of a local Mallard duck were somewhat muted compared to an HP inkjet. Turn the Mode dial to Setup. It must be noted though, that standalone card-based printing is much slower than printing from a computer.

Early market response has been good, and the P’s print quality caedia seems to live up to its dye-sub heritage. In the figure, elongated colored area represents the total range of colors that can be seen by the human eye.

The preview will show which image you’ve selected and how many prints you want. Printing Max Resolution Color. Connect the printer to the computer with either a parallel or USB cable the parallel cable must be connected to the printer before turning on the computerthen turn the printer’s Mode dial to Input.


Olympus Camedia P-400

Likewise, L size card paper is an A4 sheet divided into four. Your top wishlist Z6 firmware update? To view the Standard Menu, press the Menu button. It would have been nice if Olympus included some of the creative options in a separate image manipulation software package, so users could achieve the same level of creativity when working from the computer as they can when working off a memory card.

Four-pass printing with three colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow plus clear laminate overcoat to protect prints. Act like your business depends on them by David Gewirtz.

The printer’s orientation is slightly different camdia a standard ink-jet model, in that the paper cassette feeds from the top, sending the paper down through the printer, where the thermal heads transfer each dye color cyan, magenta, and yellow in a separate pass.

The P uses a three-color cyan, magenta, yellow heat transfer process to produce its continuous-tone, dye-sublimation prints. Postcard paper is cameria A4 sheet divided into two which is used by separating the sheets along the micro-cut after printing. While not quite rising to Olympus’ quoted specifications, the print times achieved by the P are lightning-fast when compared to the print times of many photo-quality inkjet printers.

Olympus P Digital Photography Review

It is possible to produce up to 7. It’s p-40 somewhat deficient in the extreme purples, a difficulty apparently shared with many print devices. Two card slots on the front of the printer accept either SmartMedia 3. The LCD panel is one of the few areas we found to famedia on the P Overall, we were very impressed with its performance, versatility, and print quality. We found that to be a bit optimistic, especially when printing images directly from a memory card.


In actuality, the P is quite a bit faster at outputting high-quality photo prints than any inkjet we’ve yet seen. The colorimetric data did reflect the weakness in midtone cyans and greens that we observed visually.

A Sort option prints the index in either ascending Up or descending Down order, by the date and time of the images’ original creation. As we’re finding with most printers we test though, “print time” is subject to some interpretation.

Olympus Camedia P Digital Color Photo Printer – video dailymotion

This view clearly shows the extent to which the P’s color gamut exceeds that of a commercial-grade printing press. Turn an old monitor into a -p400 display with a Raspberry Pi Turn an old monitor into a wall display with a Raspberry Pi by Taylor Martin. Company names and product names specified are trademarks of their respective owners.

When printing from memory cards, the P is actually slightly faster, at 2: If your image has already been cropped in DPOF, the printer will automatically set its own crop marks. The Menu button cancels the print job at any point.