Normally, you will unable to access the Westell modem interface if you use it in conjunction with another router. The MTU fields are not shown on the screenshot below and may be on a different menu tab. If you are required to change your MTU, make sure that it is set identically on all equipment PCs and routers in the network. The chipset is more sensitive then most modems which makes it desirable for people with long loops or marginal lines, however it lacks detailed line statistics to monitor the loop. A new pop-up will appear called Host Device. Important steps in this FAQ are dependent on the Westell model number and firmware.

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Westell Bridged Ethernet Configuration Step 1 Make sure the power is completely removed from the Westell and the computer. The Bsllsouth supplied Westells Models A or B are specifically designed with a unique firmware, interface, and features that are different from the standard retail models. Yes, you could have just added the IDENT port to your DCC service, but it is sometimes nice to be able to disable one without having to disable the other, you know?

Open a browser session to access the Westell Interface and enter ” The manual firmware bellsouhh capability is still available.


Bellsouth DSL wireless help with Westell … – Apple Community

After you have checked your stats you can then connect the router and reconfigure it for use with FastAccess. Check here to see if you qualify. I can’t enter Expert Mode on the Westell modem. The following required information can be obtained from the application vendor.

Reset the router to default by using the reset button if available. The user interface functionality and setup are the same between modm three models.

Click here for more information. Since it is a router, wired or wireless networking is easy.

BellSouth Picks Westell DSL Modems

Confirm your password, and click Next. Anyway, my questions is: Click on Update software from PC button to start the manual update. Save the firmware file in a convenient place so it is easy to find later in the upgrade process.

Please try again now or at a later time. Apparently, some Westell modems, like mine, are also routers Getting to OTT 2. The lack of a PPP client also earns it a place in that old box in the basement with the baud modem and Laser Disc of “Revenge of the Nerds” that you still have for some reason.

In my case, my computer name is belllsouth. When it is complete you are directed to the connection page where you can reconnect to the internet.

Replacing Bellsouth Modem

Take a few minutes and apply to your DSL Modem. Reset the router to default by pressing the reset button for roughly 20 seconds exact placement mocem the button differs per model. Questions or problems with these modems will have to be referred to the modem manufacturer. Remember, do not plug anything into the USB port!


The modem will try to initiate a session and then return to the main menu. Update software from PC – Browse your computer and select the upgrade file you downloaded earlier.

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Changed router IP to Click on the drop-down arrow beside the Service Name box. Standard wireless routers can also be configured and wired to function as a WAP. After the modem has restarted, power down both the computer and the modem then physically disconnect the Westell. Despite what the help desk tech tells you, resetting the modem does not put it into Bridged Mode.

Enter your BellSouth Username followed by ” bellsouth.

Kudos, my good and beneficent mentors You might want to revise the “Important Additional Information” section: