Every and we mean every model we’ve tested has the same Intel Atom Z processor, clocked at 1. Unfortunately we found ourselves using numerous objects to prop up our device, though a decent tablet Bluetooth keyboard and stand will help you here. Please refer specification pages for full details. To be clear, the buttons here are still closer together than on your typical laptop keyboard, and the flimsy panel flexes under the stress of more furious typing. HP EliteBook x G3. The VivoTab Smart may not have that sort of battery life, but it will last long enough to take you through an entire day of work or school.

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When the VivoTab Smart was first announced, there were some tech bloggers even some Engadget editors who suggested it came with a Surface-style keyboard.

Acer Iconia W 1. You might be used to seeing a little variation in specs when we review smartphones, but low-powered Windows tablets are a different beast.

HP Envy x2 1. An all-new touch friendly UI with easily accessible control bars.

A Core processor-powered tablet like Microsoft’s higher end Surface Pro or the Toshiba UT has shorter battery life yet is more powerful; a proper laptop replacement if you like.

The TranSleeve available for the Vivo Tab can also asis as a stand.

Asus VivoTab Smart Tablet – Specs, Review, Impressions

Even after living with the VivoTab for more than a week, it still routinely takes us two or three tries to make the tablet sit in its dock without toppling the whole thing over. The VivoTab Smart doesn’t have that, vkvotab it was especially important that the tablet itself offer best-in-class runtime.


A 2MP front and 8MP rear auto-focus camera with flash allow for easy video-chat and astonishing digital photography. Transform it with the ultra-thin and light keyboard, boost your mobility and productivity anytime anywhere! But our review cycle wouldn’t be complete without ASUS — after all, the company was selling its Transformer tablets before keyboard docks were even a thing.

ASUS Original Bluetooth Keyboard TranSleeve VivoTab Smart Me 400 C

Or you could pay less for the VivoTab Smart and get more built-in storage, along with a perfectly serviceable typing experience and good-enough battery life. Accessories, like cover and keyboard, not yet available. But that’s only part of the story: As a second or third device, however, the VivoTab Smart is an affordable option. By way of some magnet-enhanced origami, the cover folds to serve as a tablet stand, letting you prop up the VivoTab Smart on any regular table top or flat surface.

Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. All told, it’s a much less cramped — less netbook-ish — experience than what you’ll get on the Iconia W Like vivotaab TransCover, the TransBoard uses hidden magnets to secure itself inside the cover when not in use.

It’s extremely similar to the iPad ‘s and has previously been seen as an vivota to Asus’s Android Transformer tablets. Like the other Atom-powered tablets we’ve seen lately, the VivoTab Smart was also unable to run our graphics and gaming tests. We would, however, recommend a case for the device. Hands down, this offers more bang for your buck than anything else you might be considering, what with its attractive design, relatively low price point and generous storage.


This lightweight construction made using the keyboard a nerve wracking experience, since it felt so fragile that I might damage it with anything but slow, gentle keystrokes.

The Best Laptops for And as much as we love the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, it b,uetooth cheap: Products may not be available in all markets. As you might expect, a slim profile means the buttons themselves are pretty flat.

ASUS VivoTab Smart review: a good, inexpensive Windows 8 tablet

What’s nice is that once you fold the cover up, bluteooth keep the makeshift dock in place so that it doesn’t flop around. Since there is no docking keyboard, the options are limited to what can be fit into the tablet chassis. Best in class it’s not, but for some, 7. Connect all your social media accounts, with the main contact list view featuring larger tiles for your favorite contacts.

Asus VivoTab Smart ME Specification | TechRadar

Folks who want pen input are better off splurging on the ThinkPad, as that’s one feature you’re not going to get here. Pretty standard for consumer electronics, unless, perhaps, you just bought a high-end laptop. Built into the tablet are a few sensors that have become common on Windows tablets, but that aren’t seen on laptops, such as a G-Sensor accelerometerGyroscope, E-compass, and magnetometer, providing all of the automatic screen rotation and positional awareness needed for many tablet functions and apps.