Then I downloaded a driver for Tue, Apr 14 6: You just have to switch off call answering in the Remote Access control panel before using the MacConnect link, and turn it on again afterwards. Wish there was a way of avoiding these crashes! For warranty information about this.

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Everything seems to be working now after keysoan and reinstalling 2. And it failed with a not very helpful error message. Did you ever get keysan working? After months of struggling to move data between my Mac OS X box and my Psion, I have finally found an initial solution at least for file transfer:.

Macs in OS 9, most Macs and peripherals that we support work well with the Keyspan. Just wondering if anyone has drivers for the white keyspan for OS 9.

Oct 9, 9: I started doing some research after reading this post about having to manually enable support for USB to Serial keyspan adapters.

My Mac Pro sees it as a modem, too under network control panelbut it has been working fine in MC, so I don’t think usa-2x is the problem. Mike, thanks for this post. When I run the installer on Fresh Install Re-hooked up the 28X, kept the latest driver software in the MAC, made sure the ox configuration specifically referenced the serial port I was using in the Keyspan NOT Key Serial 1and everything works perfectly.


Keyspan Device Drivers | fosh

All I can say is that it works fine for me, and that I thought some Mac-based Psioneers out there would like to hear about this too. Otherwise, the server software to answer incoming calls etc.

The good news is: Anyway, the update is available for free from Psion. There seem to be multiple versions of the adapter, with slightly different model numbers, and it could be that some of them will only work to 56, baud. The very latest version of the FTDI driver seems to work as well. This matrix does not represent an endorsement of any products.

Since there are two ports, I build a small adapter to use the control line from the usa-28z port to provide the other level. If so, then the ports are addressable through the device driver in the path.

Keyspan not working Reply Contact My Mac Pro sees it as a modem, too under network control panelbut it has been working fine in MC, so I don’t think that is the problem. Dec 29, 3: I would try this more traditional route before turning to command line tricks. The one I had oos in fact a USAXB which looks the same and was working with the old XG driver, but it’s just different enough to be unsupported and have this annoying incompatibility with the current driver.


In my case it is USAX. I know that’s what AVID has said.

Also, file transfers run much more smoothly in the background using this server setup than with MacConnect which tends to block the Mac OS.

My hope was that, since the OS 9 drive and OS 8 drive seemed to usa-28z a. This was a large enough swing to drive the LocoNet itself, but not to power the receive level shifter in the MS Mac Pro 6 Core 3.

Keyspan Device Drivers

Click here to get file. If not, recheck that you followed the above instructions, and try a different Mac to see where the problem lies.

Maybe the converter is bad or installed backwards? Tue, Jan 27 1: