I tried my usual bag of tricks to no avail ie: Is it worth the money? For sale a SDR with the watt power amplifier installed from the factory. So far things are working OK. Just purchased a used SDR and put it on the air. Aren’t all the voltages present supplied by the PC? Firmware upgrade for V2.

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Just bought a SDR with FA sound system The Flexrdaio has audio but does not receive signals nothing appears as a signal on the display I have checked and rechecked the cabling and appears to be correct. I feel like I am missing something obvious. Last week I ve changed my computer for new with windows 8 32bit. As per the subject i’m looking to obtain a Poor mans UCB. Just purchased a used SDR and put it on the air.

Power SDR what software is a good choice.


Copied this down and used it in the PowerSDR parallel port setup. I will double box and pack this professionally at my expense.

No signals on the pan adapter. Thanks Jim w4wwj size].

USBIO in Vista?

Does any one need a Shuddle pro??? Am I on the right track and just mess up or what??

Have you done it?? I’d like to get one Also, see the reviews of this rig with foexradio FA66 and you will know that it is among the very best ever produced.

I have upgraded to 2. Like there is a small flexradiio picking up and dropping out. It will not un-key. Also can I get a paraelle-to-usb, or are they specific also? I would appreciate any information relating to the acquisition of a new oscillator etc. Someone said it installs something needed by the newer versions.

USBIO Adapter Driver

I am computer savvy. Is anyone running any of the 2. Radio stays keyed up when started. So if I go into the wave menu and use the record button, it records just fine but playback wont go out over the airwaves, if I use the Quick Record it does work. It fllexradio in pristine condition as shown by the photo.


I have an hanging strikes SDR external oscillator. Is it worth the money? How can I get the parallel port working and how can I tell that it is working?

Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be?? Have any of you done this? Does anyone know for sure??? As best I can tell, it is not transmitting as I listen on another radio.

I have verified it with 2 other users that run amps and the X2 connection. So had made a parallel cable for my sdr and was using it in leu of a storebought one.