How to scan and archive your old printed photos How to scan and archive your old printed photos by Sharon Profis. Cameras Agfa ePhoto – digital camera Series. Apart from that they are both completely identical. As with most zoom digicams the maximum aperture of the lens is dependent on the focal length. Black and White Camera Films for Agfa. This isn’t a big problem in the bright sunlight as the camera picks a pretty fast shutter speed and thus eliminates any blurring.

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I posted some new images to my Agfa ePhoto page showing just how well the camera handles extremely adverse lighting conditions.

Using it indoors is a snap and most all of my pictures came out well-focused and colorful using the default “automatic” settings. It does not make much noise while zooming and seems to be a well-engineered design.

As with most zoom digicams the maximum aperture of the lens is dependent on the focal length. Take one picture in hi mode and then take the same picture in mode and allow PhotoGenie to do its thing to reconstruct the image and increase the resolution.

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Agfa ePhoto 1280 0.8 MP Digital Camera – Black

The tiny Nano1 astronomy camera shoots for the stars The makers behind the Tiny1 astronomy camera are back with an even smaller shooter. Agfa ePhoto – digital camera. I used the manual exposure control and set the aperture to “minimum” to both increase the depth of cameda and to limit the amount of light from the flash at this extremely close range. It does NOT have any kind of optical viewfinder, you use the 2-inch TFT color LCD screen for everything; framing your subject, previewing the stored images and for setting the multitude of camera functions and options.


The “” modes are x pixels and differ only in the amount of compression used.

Steve’s Digicams – Agfa ePhoto Review

I forced the flash off and took a hand held shot of the tank with the glare of the overhead flourescent lights bouncing off of the glass and the sunlight streaming in behind it. Even thoug processing an image took 14 seconds and playback of an image 10 seconds!

Whilst browsing through my vast collection of digital cameras I noticed something odd. Now both images will be the same physical size. Agfa digitql up with these labels in referrence to their digital camera models, the ePhotothe soon-to-be-sold ePhoto and the new ePhoto All of the ‘s modes generate standard JPG images except for the “” mode which camea interpolated by the PhotoGenie software.

One of the pictures even has the sun shining directly into the lens and it still made a very good exposure. There is a 5- and second self-timer option that can be turned on when needed.

The pictures all came out perfectly exposed except for a few small and very shiny pieces of metal that reflected back into the camera – again I was totally amazed at the overall quality of the pictures. The autofocus systems handles 10cm to infinity in wideangle position and 80cm to inifinity in telephoto. I would have needed to fetch another meter to read it. The ePhoto is designed for the quality-conscious, and those business professionals who need to capture images for documentation or communication in fields such as real estate, insurance, law enforcement, contracting, and design.

The ePhoto can be controlled from the computer while tethered with the serial port cable. I also took several pictures of the sales lady behind the counter to see how well the red eye reduction flash worked. Most of my uses for a doubled telephoto are only going to be outside in the daylight so I’m not too worried about it.


Agfa ePhoto Digital Photography Review

This is not your ordinary battery charger by any means and always indicates with green and red LEDs just exactly what is going on during the charging process. It even has a discharger cycle for NiCd batteries to insure that they are fully charged rather than just topped off.

Agfa was smart enough to realize that an LCD-only digicam tends to go through batteries like candy so they gave us the best. The serial numbers revealed that the matte body camera had a very low serial number.

Agfa ePhoto 1280 (1997)

The only other digicam I’ve had that takes pictures as consistently good as the is the Kodak DC Toshiba has announced the availability of 16MB cards in July or August of and the 32MB cards about a month later. Considering the weight Not only did Idgital send me a new charger, they also included a new set of NiMH batteries for free. After each image is analyzed, PhotoGenie quantifies and qualifies each pixel according to the traits it possesses and then reconstructs the image.

Without closeup filters I have been able to take some really detailed photos at a range of about inches with the ePhoto One of the top names in phone camera lenses now has options for those who shoot a little or a lot.