The notebook did manage to outperform the similarly configured Toughbook but not by much. I had just given up figuring it was the age of the laptop! Drivers are the property and the responsibility of their respective manufacturers, and may also be available for free directly from manufacturers’ websites. Monitors can be connected through …. Acer Aspire B 2. Jose Antonio – Oct 27, at Thankfully some of them noticed it was right after an automatic update.

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I aucio tried using driver detecters but none can download the drivers either: Report Respond to Candz. Navigating through Windows using the touchscreen was a breeze. The cooling system includes three mm fans. The Audoo gave us 5 hours and 46 minutes of battery life on the LAPTOP Battery Test continuous Web surfing over Wi-Fiwhich is quite good when compared to most mainstream notebooks but more than an hour short of the Toughbook’s battery score.

Acer Aspire B Driver Download

Backlighting is anticipated as well. The Getac B isn’t geared toward the typical consumer, most of who will balk at its hefty price tag. Acer Aspire B File Name: The system started up without a hitch after each soaking and exhibited no apparent signs of water damage.


Sorry but this didnt work for me, only one option came up which were the speakers. Idahocartoons – Jun 21, at The small touchpad and mouse buttons are wudio and comfortably positioned in the center of the keyboard deck. Acer Aspire B Download Stats: Leah – Aug 11, at After you do this you will need to restart your computer.

Leah Aug 11, at These products are meant for powerful game-playing machines and VR systems. Report Respond to happy2help.

Getac B300 Review

I tried all the quick fixes I found online and nothing. Acer laptop no sound Acer nitro 5 sound not working – Best answers Acer laptop sound not working – Best answers No sound on my laptop acer 8.

Clock frequencies in OC mode exceed those performed by the reference model and make up MHz in nominal mode, increasing to MHz on dynamic overclocking.

Our model also came with an optional Salt Fog anticorrosion coating that protects the chassis and other metal parts from damaging salt erosion.

The B is built to meet or exceed the U. After the release of REX8 series, Sharkoon axpire to replenish its line of chassis with a new entry-level series. Installation Manager Success Stats: Noo – Aug 17, at We subjected the B to a small battery of durability tests to see if it was indeed as tough as it looks.


Say “Thank you” Thank you so much! Turns out my playback options had switched which was really stupid so this is what I did.

No sound on Acer Aspire laptop fix [Solved]

Add comment users have said thank you to us this month. After dropping the system onto a aurio office floor from a height of 36 inches, it powered up without any trouble.

Uninstall all window updates from July It also has a sturdy snap-in handle, reinforced hinges, and a heavy-duty latch to prevent the lid from opening accidentally.

Mariam – Jul 26, at